Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stage 1 - Inception of the Idea

The most important, critical, swiveling and the undoubtedly the most consuming activity towards achievement of the goal-  "An MBA "  is making up your mind. Specially after working for 8- 10 years and being in a comfy zone.

I believe ,in my case the Mumbai crowd played one of the most crucial factors. Irrespective of the kind of work you do and which company you work for, Mumbai crowd makes your life order of magnitude difficult. While i quite like being a straggler, a soldier, but the mad rush germinated the desire to rise and shine.

As they famously say, "When every thing is going just fine, and everything looks settled; it is probably time to rejig the situation".

I went to the nearby book store and got a Kaplan GMAT series book. But sadly sat over it for over 6-7 months. This was sometime in 2009 Sept, But slowly and steadily I was starting to feel the urge for going ahead with a management degree. I finally got warmed up to the task by March 09 and took up to the preparation, which ultimately has culminated in to me getting admitted into some of the best B schools around.  I have decided to pursue MBA in IIM B

The forthcoming editions of the blog would tell the story of how I moved ahead and what were my tools and what made me strong and what made me weak during my sojourn.